Architect Jacket

This jacket is produced by architects for architects and other fellow creatives.
It is designed specifically for the tasks of our trade: drawing, making models in the lab, carrying our notes and sketches.
That's why there is an elastic cuff for pencil sketching, deep pockets for sketchbooks and many unexpected places for storing pencils and pens!

It's an all year product because of it's versatility, it's resisten enough as a jacket for those rainy days in summer  and it's light enough to be a utility overshirt in winter.
It's always ready to assist when those creative tasks are at hand.

It features a big print of the Mountain Station project, part of the Earth Stations research.

Mountain Station is perched on the summit of a natural monolith, the station can be reached by cable car. The form traces the profile of the mountain. The view of breath-taking panoramas encourages interpersonal relations between those who have left the chaos of city life to seek inspiration in the natural mountain landscape. The circular exhibition pathway fosters chance encounters and the discussion of intellectual viewpoints, so enriching knowledge and awareness.

Earth Stations are a new typology of buildings conceived to foster productive human relationships. They are monuments to mankind and for mankind that make use of humanistic and technological knowledge to improve living conditions in a context of responsibility for the natural and the social world. They are not space stations from which to launch missions to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. When artificial intelligence frees people from bureaucratic and repetitive chores, it will be necessary to find ways of using this new found freedom and the immense technological potential that will be unleashed. In the Earth Stations, many different functions are concentrated in one place, promoting sustainability and quality in personal and public relations, balancing spaces for individual reflection and collective engagements. The randomness of encounters initiated by walking generates optimal conditions for the most surprising discoveries. Earth Stations are designed to host continuous activity with a palimpsest of events that catalyse both attention and energy. The symbolic appeal of their external appearance and the monumentality of the internal spaces are necessary paradigms in order for the Earth Stations to be admired and experienced, able to attract and arouse pride and wonder.

Technical details

Origin - Fabric made in Italy, Garment manufactured in Italy.

Composition and washing instructions - 64% cotton, 36%
polyamide. Warnings: wash with similar colours, don't iron
on decoration. Colour: Black;. Water repellent fabric.

Product details - Type of use: outdoor, indoor, work. Extra:
architect's pencil pocket. Closure: soft black buttons
touch. Pocket: zip closure with yellow zip puller. Pockets: internal
high. Cuffs: elastic band.

Special Features - Screen Prints of Yellow Earth Stations inside
(to learn more about the Earth Stations research project, visit Internal pencil pocket. Black fabric hanger loop.

Size and fit - Fit: oversize. Length: length
normal. Sleeve length: long sleeve.

Special Credits - The clothing was developed with the support of
GRASSI 10000, a platform that reinterprets iconic garments
from the archive of a workwear company that has been in
business since 1925, using them as the basis for a collaboration
with individuals and companies that share the same cultural
and social values.