Teda wireless lamp

Teda is a reversible table lamp without wiring. It consists of two elements: the blown glass diffuser and the LED light disk, which is easily removable so it can be charged without having to move the lamp. Together they form a light sculpture offering two configurations: with the light turned downwards and the diffuser below to illuminate the table top precisely; with the light turned upwards and the diffuser above for a diffused illumination. The glass by itself is also usable as a vase.

Technical details

1 Origin - Made in Italy.

2 Product details - Vase: sandblasted blown glass.
Light disc: turned aluminum.

3 Technical data - LED bulb, 200 Lumen warm light 3000K,
dimmable with three different intensities. 3.7V 2.6A / h battery -
duration of 6 hours with maximum power, up to 24 hours with
the minimum power.

4 Dimensions and weight - diam. 20 cm × h 26 cm