Bacchetta armchair

The armchair and sofas of the Bacchetta collection were produced for the Case del Prato [Houses in the Meadow] at the Hotel Zirmerhof in Alto Adige, designed by the Circle.

Bacchetta is a comfortable seat that embraces the forms of the body with its cushions made of various layers of foam rubber and invites you to relax. The wooden rods of the structure are a design element that is often used in the architectures of the Circle to create an effect of transparency and lightness. The structure is made of wood, untreated so the value of the patina that passing time creates on the surfaces is appreciated. The cushions are covered in fireproof patterned fabric available in the colours blue, petroleum green, lime green, orange and beige. Bacchetta is made in the one-, two- and three-seater versions.

Technical details

Materials / Finishings

national walnut / oak

foam rubber and ANTIBES fireproof fabric

blue / petroleum green / lime green / orange / beige

Bacchetta 90
W cm 90
D cm 83
H cm 69

Bacchetta 160
W cm 160
D cm 83
H cm 69

Bacchetta 240
W cm 240
D cm 83
H cm 69