Tanti Saluti


When you arrive you take off your jacket, when you leave you put it on again.
When you arrive and when you leave it is good manners to greet and to say goodbye.

Four hands stretched upwards greet you from a distance. On a folding hanger that stows jackets and coats at the top, shoulder-bags and scarves at mid-height, shoes and handbags at the bottom. There is room too for the kids, who can hang their coats at their right height.
It puts away, but organises and keeps everything neat and tidy in halls, wardrobes and bedrooms, cupboards and storerooms, everywhere.

Ph. Michele De Lucchi, Luca Tamburlini / Polifemo fotografia (still lifes on white background)

Technical details

Material / Finishings

multilayered birch with walnut cladding


W cm 70 open
    cm 28 closed
D cm 52
H cm 173 open
    cm 180 closed