Possum stools

Possum stools were designed for the Novartis Pavilion in Basle, a building that is open to the public with reception, tuition and exhibition spaces designed by the Circle. The stool has been developed for the wooden interiors of the pavilion with a concave seat and structure inspired by the popular forms of grippable stools.

Possum is a reference to the playful agility of an animal that moves and scrambles quickly up among the branches. With its comfortable seat, a hole in the centre so you can grip it and its stackability, Possum lends itself to dynamic use in a space that changes. It is made of oak and in two different heights.

Technical details

Material / Finishings

Solid Oak

Multi-layered Oak


Possum 45
W cm 40
D cm 25
H cm 45

Possum 72
W cm 40
D cm 25
H cm 72