I tre doni


Inspired by the biblical traveling three kings, the three gifts are a special new set of vases.

"Gold, Incense and myrrh were the most precious materials of the ancient times, these vases may not be made from them, yet they are the perfect encasing for a precious flower or gesture" Michele De Lucchi

The vases, each of a different height and shape are made for the little flowers or decorations. Michele De Lucchi designed these small vases for his table at home. 

The vases are all mouth blown from borosilicate glass and then turned by hand before the glass cools by our talented italian glassblowers. This was the only technique that permitted to create the vibrant curves and edges on such a small scale. As a result each vase is slightly different, giving it every time a unique character.

Technical details

Materials / Finishings

Vases in transparent green borosilicate glass, turned by hand


Ø cm 10
H cm 18

Ø cm 13
H cm 16

Ø cm 10
H cm 15