Laudense Library

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The Laudense Library is a prestigious institution situated in the historic centre of Lodi. Inside Palazzo di San Filippo, an admirable example of Lombard baroque built in the second half of the eighteenth century to accommodate the Oratorian Fathers, it contains a rich heritage of books ranging from antique volumes belonging to the Fathers to the latest publishing novelties. The project converts the monastery into a living place, a modern cultural and social centre which, in addition to the rooms devoted to reading and study, also accommodates a collection of newspapers and periodicals, internet desks, a literary café, a civic hall for weddings and conferences, a foyer, a music room and a cinema. A floor-to-ceiling glazed wall, punctuated by an oak wood frame, signals the new access from Via Solferino. From here, visitors can cross the ancient complex and go out into Corso Umberto in the city centre. In its interiors, the warmth of wood unites the overal aesthetic appearance of the complex and makes it richly welcoming. For the first floor furniture, oak was chosen; in the children’s area, colourful and full of light, the furniture is again in wood, whilst the little chairs are in polystyrene and the shelves in brightly coloured metal.


CLIENTcomune di Lodi

PROJECTaMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl - Michele De Lucchi

PROJECT TEAM: Angelo Micheli (project leader), Agnieszka Drews, Silvia Figini

PHOTOGRAPHYAlessandra Chemollo

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