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An area formerly used as a shelter for animals has been transformed into a small guest unit connected to the main house.

The intervention has preserved the original stone structure and the ancient brick fillers, opting for a natural lime coating for walls and ceiling, which was manually rolled out with a trowel, therefore amplifying the materic effect of this natural material.

The external ancient stone walls that overlook the entrance patio have been kept in their original state. Around the perimeter, all fixtures have been completely refurbished and replaced with new highly insulating ones made of wood with a gray lacquered finish and complemented with burnished brass handles and hinges. The external shutters were made of wide horizontal fir wood slats.

In the bedroom’s shutters, two small openings have been obtained, allowing to frame the exterior landscape even with the shades closed. On the floor, larch planks with a natural finish were laid.

The continuity between interiors and exteriors is filtered through a porch, where the ceiling made of fillers and the red concrete floor truly convey the ancient spirit of the Lombard farmhouse.



PROJECTaMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl - Michele De Lucchi

PROJECT TEAM: Michele De Lucchi (project leader), Simona Agabio, Giorgio Comerio

PHOTOGRAPHY: Pico De Lucchi, Oliver Carmi

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