Private House

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This apartment is situated on the ground floor of an early 20th century building which, with its court garden, conforms to the traditional milanese style of the time.

The apartment was previously used as a patisserie workshop and has exclusive access to the building’s courtyard. The courtyard with its garden is undoubtably the cardinal focus point of this apartment.

aMDL was contracted by a young couple to tranform the patisserie workshop into their private residence.

The original floorplan was left untouched to respect the heritage of the building. All the rooms face the patio with large steel and glass windows in order to illuminate the internal spaces with ambient light. Thus additionally enriching the rooms with the building’s history. The area around the patio has been completely renovated with new structures such as a wooden loft built in Sansovino style. The spaces beneath the appartment have been heavily restructured and reinforced in order to create a spacious daytime area designed to be visibly interconnected.

A lot of care has been given to the finishings and details. To evoke the workspace flavor of the patisserie, a complex balance of homely and industrial elements was composed. Wooden floors adorned by white chalk walls are seen side by side with the occasional reinforced concrete and iron steel details. These contrasting elements are in turn smoothened out by the wooden lofts and cast iron window casings of the patio.

Particular importance was given to the energy efficiency of the building: the choice of insulation and heating installations was carefully adapted to the house to achieve B class certification for the entire residence.



PROJECTaMDL Architetto Michele De Lucchi Srl - Michele De Lucchi

PROJECT TEAM: Alberto Bianchi (project leader), Simona Agabio, Greta Corbani, Alessandra De Leonardis, Alessandro Ghiringhelli

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alessandra Chemollo

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