“Machines never have any extra parts. They have the exact number and type of parts they need”.
(from the movie Hugo, 2011, directed by Martin Scorsese)

“The Minimal Machines are machines because they work the same way as small cars do; they move, get up, go down, solve problems and meet needs. The Minimal Machines are minimal because they do not have anything more than what it takes to make them work well and for a long period of time. In minimality it is easier to recognise the quality of form and matter, because minimal refers to an idea of art, because art is in Mankind.” Michele De Lucchi, April 1991.

The Minimal Machine n. 8 is a lamp that can be swiveled up and down. The combination of the two movements of the arm favors more positions and gives the lamp a considerable mobility. Auction and canopy are made of painted metal. The shade is in parchment paper, the counterweight turned brass.

Ph. Michele De Lucchi, Luca Tamburlini / Polifemo fotografia (still lifes on white background)


Technical details

Material / Finishings

parchment paper

grey painted metal with counterweight in turned brass


This lamp moves vertically and circularly (360°) and can be positioned at any point in space.

Diffuser ø cm 26
Total H max cm 190

Europe / Japan / USA rosette
ø cm 23.5 x H cm 5.4

Technical data

Class I  

Limits for bulbs:
1 x max 27 W (E27) fluorescent   
1 x max 70 W (E27) ES halogen