Looking to above... Sixteen glass tiles compose a roof of light.

The project takes up an ancient tradition still used today to build roofs with wood and stone tiles. The system enables surfaces of different, including round, forms to be clad. Superimposed on the octagonal structure of the Marais are two layers of bent glass tiles.

Ph. Michele De Lucchi, Luca Tamburlini / Polifemo fotografia (still lifes on white background)


Technical details

Material / Finishings

curved glass satin finish

white painted metal


ø cm 54
Diffuser H cm 15
4 metal wires, H cm 155
Total H max cm 170

Europe / Japan / USA rosette
ø cm 12 x H cm 2.5

Technical data

Class I   

Suggested bulbs:
(E27) fluorescent   
(E27) ES halogen