Architects do not design space but relations among objects.

For the first time Produzione Privata presents a lamp in solid walnut, and Metro is the carpenter’s novelty. This lamp measures space.
Ten strips each ten centimetres long are aligned and glued together to form a wooden rod. It is exactly one metre long, like the old instrument used by tailors.
The light source consists of Led Strips and the lamp is hung from the ends to direct the light source.

Ph. Michele De Lucchi



Technical details

Material / Finishings

natural walnut


W cm 100
D cm 5
H cm 5
Metal wires L cm 195
Total H cm 200

Europe / Japan / USA rosette
ø cm 12 x H cm 2.5

Technical data

Class I   

Light source:
n° 3 LED strip (27.36 W)