Time elapsed, time as the only true entity that never changes, even if at times it seems long and at times short, especially when we have fun, then it's gone in a flash. This is why I think the hourglass glass is perfect for this year. More than ever time has played a fundamental part in this period, this glass times the period of a sip, the sip of life.

Handcrafted, the stem is a small hourglass that encloses a ferrous sand, a hard sand that represents the year that we leave behind. The workmanship of our craftsmen once again amazes us, the blowing of the cup takes place inside a graphite mold, the shape is designed to contain wine, it is large and airy, it is a collector's glass with it's playfulness, the 2020 glass is an invitation to fun and a happy soul! We wish everyone a happy 2021.

The Glasses are a limited edition of 50 and come in pairs in an elegant cardboard tube with golden lids with a hand sketch label by Michele De Lucchi


Technical details

Material / Finishings

Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass

Ferrous sand


Height: 123 mm

Diameter: 90 mm